The Metropolitan Police, formed in 1822, have had  two centuries to build a culture of endurance. But, businesses do not get the same chances.

Today, the lifespan of a company is considerably shorter because businesses are being challenged to transform regularly with every generation.

As a result, companies need to continually place themselves favourably – build an attractive organisational culture.

Here, we have our own story of building a culture.

In 2014, Edward Woolley had the penny drop of construction plans in 3D and setup an augmented reality business. Ed comes from an Architectural background – constructions in 2D – and wanted to put his creativity and keen team play to a greater use.

But, Ed has realised over the years that the business is not scalable to a level he wanted it to be. And, despite healthy revenues, he has had to keep adding to his development team, a daunting managerial task in its own right.

To counter the issue, Ed established an entrepreneurial leadership network in 2017, called the Leicester Co-Working. Through the network, Ed has met fellow business individuals who had the ambition of working together with the same goal – business growth with entrepreneurial leaders.

Over two years, coworking has pulled in

  1. Harmeet; a former police officer turned successful entrepreneur;
  2. Taseer; an academic with expertise in humanising the impact of tech application

So, ArchR is a product of idea sharing and lunches – a coming together of like-minded people. But, we have had our own challenges from the beginning.

To begin, Taseer and Harmeet came together to form a collaboration with Ed on an AR project.

As most start up projects, the challenge of sharing ideas is difficult and leads to miscommunication because we see intangible products from different perspectives. The initial talks almost led to a standstill on the proposed roles, until Ed used the visual analogy of constructing a building and the roles played by each expert in bringing a project to reality.

It is hard to believe today that the partnership almost fell through. ArchR, almost, died before even taking off.

The team simply realised that they are on the same page. They could just not communicate in a manner where the visions came together. And, this has laid the foundations of ArchR.

ArchR pulls out your true company ethos to bring back an inspired culture and represent your values. We do this with the support of AR technologies.

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