Talent Acquisition

Great applicants go under the radar because most CVs are simply generic.  
To counter, your employer branding needs to play a part and attract the right talent. Crafted employer branding excites applicants to spend more time on bespoking their approach.

Let’s look into the benefits of focusing on talent acquisition.

50% of the current workforce has grown up on technology and are open to new forms of careers. This has led to the need for change at learning and development, as well as work. This is why, at ArchR, we team with experts to have a solid foundation of experience and help you draw the right talent for the following reasons:

  1. Culture Fit – A simple recruitment process is generally designed to fulfil the hiring needs of particular tasks. But, this limits future growth and hinders operational efficiency. Global organisations hire for culture. In other words, a focus on talent acquisition forms a positive attitude that moulds around market trends and harnessing growth.
  2. Improved Candidate Journey – First impressions make a difference. There is a slight difference between employee and candidate journey. An employee journey begins from the point of hiring, but in reality, the employee has come across the organisation already. A focus on talent acquisition improves your candidate contact points.

Setting the Stage for Talent Acquisition

An effective talent acquisition system integrates
A) Recruitment
B) Performance Management,
C) Learning and Development
D) Reward structure.

We regard recruitment and performance management as the path specifiers for the bigger picture of an effective talent acquisition system. Learning and development and a reward structure takes the notion to the level the system should be. Let’s cover the basics first.

  1. Employee Value Proposition – The recruitment process goes beyond hiring. Before jumping to the actual hiring, it is important to examine the employee value proposition of your organisation. This means that before a message can be compiled, the internal message needs to be questioned, developed, and improved. At this stage, we will look into your psychological associations and employee offerings. Put simply, we will question what are you offering in return for the skills provided by the talent that you are trying to attract. In an indirect manner, this also clarifies the kind of talent you will end up attracting. Then, by tweaking your associations and offerings to the right degree, we are able to match the kind of talent that will be attracted.
  2. Supporting Employee Improvements – The specifics of performance management vary between organisations. But, at ArchR, we make sure that at least two considerations are fulfilled. This includes a performance feedback system and job clarity. In terms of performance feedback, the reason is simple. A sense of support from management goes a long way in instilling a sense of engagement and association. To put a number of how long – 67% according to research. We make sure that a performance feedback system is employed and kept in check to fulfil this need. On the other hand, job clarity is a bit more twisted, but nothing that cannot be solved. This may sound outrageous, but most employees are unaware of their extended role. This means that, in many cases, employees don’t know their impact on the organisation beyond a state of their day to day job. Developing inspired employees to move towards additional responsibilities is our objective.

Now, let’s look into closing the loop of talent acquisition.

As mentioned earlier, this section includes:

  1. Learning and Development – Leadership determines business growth. Therefore, Individuals must be empowered to move up the gears in a career. And, this can only be achieved with good learning and development mechanisms. We help you put and excite these learning and development mechanisms.
  2. Reward Structure – Teams like to understand how their contributions make an impact to the company vision and how they will be rewarded for their efforts. A reward structure does not just include monetary awards. In fact, the starting point of a reward structure is the clarity on job enrichment over time. Here, we help you clarify the path to promoting people and replace their initial duties with new employees. Then, we also help you involve an extrinsic reward. Research has found a direct relationship between increasing performance standards and motivation. And, understanding the range of motivations for employees is important to make progress.

But, each of these steps requires an element of fun.

Immersive 3D Experiences

immersive 3d experience

The Fun Bit

This is where we make the process unboring.

Instead of providing a boring, talent acquisition manual, we build packages with immersive technologies. This elevates your organisational experience to the next level.

Words cannot do justice to what we are trying to deliver here. Look at what can be achieved with immersive 3D experiences using AR, 3D, and other forms of tech below.

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Employee Engagement

We integrate AR and 3D tech into your systems and processes to inspire employee engagement and retention.

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We help you attract the right kind of employees by expressing your values more effectively, using interactive technologies.

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