Employer Branding

Employer branding is the feeling or emotion received towards the organisation culture.

In other words it is the torch to attract individuals who are a cultural fit. Want to know a great example of this?

Ever wondered why almost every techy has a fantasy of working in Silicon Valley? Employer Branding.

Even though the term employer branding has been around since the 1990s, the importance given to the topic has risen more recently.

This is because, in recent times, our understanding of consumer behaviour and market conditions have evolved drastically.

As a result, employer branding has risen as a special field within HR and Marketing in general. A major contributor to the importance of employer branding has been the limiting amount of talent available in the market.

For instance, the unemployment rate in the UK stands at a measly 3.9% today. This is the lowest rate in the last 44 years.

This means that major employers are fighting for a limited pool of high quality candidates. This is especially true in STEM disciplines, where the number of high quality candidates has been low anyways historically.

There has also been a shift in the way high quality candidates look for work today.

It is not simply a case of finding a nearly related job and applying anymore. Candidates want to know the values and conditions within organisations before applying for any positions. Therefore, it is important to have an employer branding strategy to place yourself attractively for suitable candidates.

From a more direct perspective, research has shown that companies that invest in employer branding save time and money across business departments  

This leads us nicely into how we develop your employer branding strategy.

Building an Employer Branding Led Culture

Do you know how to train a horse to gallop?

Before making a jump forward, a horse puts its weight on the back legs.

This is the same in the case of employer branding. Before applying the strategy, it is important to examine the employee value proposition of your organisation.

This means that before a message can be compiled, the internal message needs to be questioned, developed, and improved.

At this stage, we will look into your psychological associations and employee offerings. Put simply, we will question what are you offering in return for the skills provided by the talent that you are trying to attract. Is the future bright?

The next stage then to put the right systems in place to maintain the newly defined standards.

Employer Brand Management is where reality meets the talk.

Want to save time and stress? Doing your homework and setting the correct tone goes a long way –  one step at a time.

Many organisations fall into the circle of planning without giving enough regard to application. Employer branding does the heavy lifting to attract talent that shifts your business up a gear , but there is an added internal positive too.

By putting the values of employer branding in place, the working conditions for the current employees can also be improved. But, this requires an extra bit of effort.

Employer branding needs to be top-down. By doing so, leadership delivers a consistent message. As they say, culture begins at the heart.

If you’ve recruited before, you’ll know a common issue among teams. Teams don’t change mentalities with new members. Instead, new employees become part of an existing environment. And, an unpreferred environment leads to greater issues. Simply, this will lead to an overloaded turnover rates.

In a way, without this step, the whole process is redundant. You need to bring your word closer to reality. You need to keep the promise you are making to new and existing employees.

The next stage then is to make sure that the message is spread across the organisation and the overall organisation benefits from it.

Internal marketing in employer branding is a tricky business.

Changing the working environment can be difficult if a foundation has been set.

Then, if the management is making untrue claims, your team will call you out in various ways. Change needs to go through your team, one day at a time. Otherwise, why should your team work for you?

Employer branding and employer brand management set the stage for putting the right conditions in place for employees to perform. Then, internal marketing circulates the value that is supposed to come out of the exercise. And, people are more likely to perform well for the organisation when the working conditions attract and nourish the right behaviours from your workforce.

In all these steps, we have kept one detail out. We have the tools to make the whole process exciting and fun.

Immersive 3D Experiences

immersive 3d experience

The Fun Bit

This is where we make the process unboring.

Instead of providing a boring, development manual delivered to you about branding led culture, we build packages with immersive technologies. This elevates your experience to the next level.

Whether you are trying to attract the right talent or working on the inside-out value culture, we take your processes to the next level.

Words cannot do justice to what we are trying to deliver here. Look at what can be achieved with immersive 3D experiences using AR, 3D, and other forms of tech below.

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