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First impressions can make or break a deal.

In a modern work environment, employees join an organisation based on the employer branding. This means that there are some set expectations from the beginning. The first step to fulfilling the said expectations is to have an effective onboarding process.

The basic ingredients for employee onboarding are good communication and a steady build up to organisational culture immersion. In the long run, employees must be given the tools to fit into the bigger company vision and contribute towards it. An effective onboarding process takes care of both these sides.

Now, let’s start with the positives of employee onboarding in more detail.

At ArchR, we use experience and teams on the front line to make well informed decisions. We’re a people’s organisation.

Our approach towards stating the benefits of effectively onboarding employees in organisations is no different. You can read the research behind each point by clicking on the attached links in each instance. The said benefits include:

  1. Setting the Stage for Employee-Organisation Integration – Bringing employees up to scratch effectively creates a positive experience, and works as the first step towards employee-organisation integration. This feeling of positivity is then carried forward in the day to day jobs of employees, spreading to each new hire along the way.
  2. Increased Retention Rates – Effective employee onboarding leads to increased retention rates.
  3. Improved Reputation – Word of mouth is still the most effective marketing tool – even to capture the best talent.

As an overall benefit, employee onboarding is a positive step towards developing an organisational culture of constant improvements and growth, while having fun. We will explain the fun bit later on this page.

Now let’s look into how we improve your onboarding process.

Setting the Stage for Employee Onboarding

Collecting the right data is the Step One to making gains.

When you measure the right metrics, you get a better sense of improving your business. Let’s start with the onboarding process using the following considerations.

  1. Employee Socialisation – How quick and efficiently do your new stars integrate within your team? Employee onboarding is sometimes referred to as employee socialisation because of its communal nature. Keeping this in mind, at ArchR, we keep your onboarding process collective and social. Having a collective employee onboarding process also helps us produce a strategy that fits your cultural goals.
  2. Positive Reinforcement – According to research published in HBR, not being appreciated for good work is one of the biggest frustration factors among employees. Do you know how your team individuals like to be thanked? We find the most effective means of putting such a system in place within your organisation.

After the initial fixing of the overall system, it is important to bring in specific changes too. In the case of the onboarding process, we have identified the following key areas:

  1. Sharing the Company Ethos – Employees fail to demonstrate company ethos because the alignment process has been missed. We provided the alignment in the strategic exploration section – now it is time to impart the company ethos with a hint of excitement. Stay tuned for the excitement down the line.
  2. Clarity on Job Importance – This may sound outrageous, but most employees cannot see the impact their roles have beyond their day to day job. We build systems that improve the clarity on the importance of the job performed by individuals in organisations. Additionally, this also clarifies the expectations from an organisational perspective, improving the odds of further growth and development. We bring this clarity with some fun.

Now, let’s talk about how we make this process exciting.

Immersive 3D Experiences

immersive 3d experience

The Fun Bit

Instead of providing a boring, development manual delivered to you about employee onboarding, we build packages with immersive technologies. This elevates your tasks of providing clarity on job performance, representation of organisational ethos, and social acceptance to the next level.

Words cannot do justice to what we are trying to deliver here. Look at what can be achieved with immersive 3D experiences using AR, 3D, and other forms of tech below.

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