Employee Motivation

All individuals in a company know what they do. Some individuals know how they do it. But, only a few know why they do it.
Business growth is in the hands of motivated Employees. Which is why, it is a critical aspect at the workplace. At the end of the day, this is what generates intrinsic value for organisations.

You cannot simply go out and buy motivated employees. In reality, you need to have the company vision in every crack where the light shines.

Once there is a shared culture alignment, the team will live and breath for the business because there is a shared purpose – Intrinsic Motivation

Let’s get deeper into the benefits of motivating and inspiring teams.

Our approach to motivation is unique, up to date and inline with current trends. Following are the major benefits of employee motivation:

  1. Enhanced employee satisfaction – motivated employees are relatively more optimistic, naturally, leading to higher level of work and life satisfaction.
  2. Improved staff retention – leading to cost savings and preservation of organisational knowledge and expertise.
  3. Higher level of productivity – research shows that motivated employees are physically and mentally more present at their work, leading to high levels of productivity.
  4. Enriched employee engagement – motivated employees are more likely to be involved in matters of organisational growth, e.g. cross communication and knowledge sharing.
  5. Better organisational reputation – with the rise of review sites for organisations and social media, reputation has taken a different angle for organisations. Motivated employees are more likely to spread nice words for their companies, leading to attracting further business.

This leads us nicely into how we improve employee motivation within your organisation.

Building Employee Motivation and Inspiring Teams

Employee Involvement

Nothing motivates employees more than the feeling that their hard work will pay off. We call this process job enlargement.

This means that the current job of any of your employees should not be a “be all end all” situation. There should always be the option to grow for individuals. We help you define the path through leading the employees towards seeing the bigger picture. Prerequisites of this include:

  1. Giving responsibility to your employees.
  2. Understanding personalised needs and group dynamics.
  3. Rewards beyond monetary gains.
  4. Freedom to take chances and acceptance of learning through failure.
  5. Building a team culture.
  6. Adding value to the life of employees.
  7. Providing on the job feedback.

Here, it is also important to understand the specifics of improving roles of employees over time. This includes:

  1. Job Standardisation – we involve the employees here to get a sense of what parts of their job can be standardised. In the short term, this also simplifies their role and opens up time to get further responsibilities. How these further opportunities are tackled leads us to point 2.
  2. Rotation – to eliminate the risk of placing employees in the wrong place, from a personal as well as effectiveness perspective, we work with you to create a rotation program for your employees. So, when the time has been freed for employees in step 1, the application of step 2 helps you in determining what further opportunities suit the individuals and teams well.
  3. Enrichment options – in the final stage of job enlargement, we help organisations define possible paths of job enlargement. You can either promote people to higher roles and replace their initial duties with new employees, or simply create a reward structure for improved performance.

Employees are distracted from careers because of personal challenges and the key is finding a work-life balance. We are dedicated to creating a happier community.
We suggest applying the following two programs:

  1. Workplace Wellness – this includes both mental and physical wellness. From a physical perspective, the addition of some form of exercise equipment or a nice kitchen area does the job. On the other hand, mental wellness generally includes the availability of some form of counselling or personal coaching. Then, your job is to create an environment where people are willing to approach this kind of help. You could extend this option to accommodate people’s personal needs. For example, helping an employee to quit smoking.
  2. Family Support – research has shown that organisations with better family support programs grow faster in comparison. At a basic level, this includes providing bonuses that are intended for close family, e.g. child support, or personalised adjustments, e.g. flexi working. We all need personal support during some stage of our career. When personal problems are mixed in the working environment, it will effect productivity and poison the company culture when given a blind eye.

But, there is still the stage of conveying these stages to the employees. This is where we make things interesting.

Immersive 3D Experiences

immersive 3d experience

The Fun Bit

This is where we make the process unboring.

Instead of providing a boring, motivation manual delivered to your employees, we build packages with immersive technologies. This elevates your organisational experience to the next level.

Words cannot do justice to what we are trying to deliver here. Look at what can be achieved with immersive 3D experiences using AR, 3D, and other forms of tech below.

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