Employee Engagement

If your building is on fire and the CEO tells the team to jump out of the 9th floor, does the group take the leap of faith?

Employee Engagement is the collective relationship between the team and its leader’s vision.

This means that employee engagement, in itself, contains both behavioral and measurement-based extensions. And, the application of both these sides leads to more engaged employees.

If your business is competing against a company with high employee engagement it will be like boxing against Mike Tyson in his prime. A fight  that requires training.
We will go through the extended benefits of employee engagement in the next section.

Similar to the case with other services covered on ArchR, e.g. employer branding, employee engagement has been around since the 1990s. But, the importance given to the topic has risen.

Here are some direct positives of employee engagement:

  1. Positive attitudes among employees, e.g. belief in organisational goals.
  2. Higher level of  team productivity, as demonstrated by Wilkinson, et al. 2004.
  3. Other studies have shown a link between employee involvement, employee retention and high financial performance, e.g. Konrad 2006.

Now, let’s move to our suggested path to improve your employee engagement.

Setting the Stage for Employee Engagement

Aeroplanes get pulled toward the surface by gravity. What is your pulling power? In order for employee engagement to take off, some basic components of modern organisational management need to be put in place. This includes:

  1. Career Advancement: Employee needs come to life through company vision. Employees must know that they are going to grow along with the organisation and their efforts are appreciated.
  2. Performance Feedback: Support from management goes a long way in instilling engagement. To put a number of how long – 67% according to research. We make sure that an ideal performance feedback system in employed and kept in check to fulfil this need.
  3. Social Relationships: A welcoming environment will allow the team to enjoy their working days. You know if the culture is a good fit if they choose to spend more time than contracted.

Moving on from the basics, this is where things get more exciting, as well as serious.

After a careful examination of the basic systems, it is important to take the steps for employee engagement to the next level. This includes:

  1. Clarity on Job Importance: This may sound outrageous, but most employees are unaware of their contribution to company vision . Matters are even worse in terms of understanding the roles of coworkers. We build systems that improve the clarity on the importance of the job performed by individuals in organisations.
  2. Representation of Organisational Ethos: You will be surprised to find out how many employees do not know the ethos of their organisations. This is because, in most cases, organisations fail to deliver these ethos in a manner that catches attention. We drill out the company ethos and bring it to life
  3. Effective Internal Communication: And finally, what is the point of all this if the connection is not maintained. We improve organisational systems that enable effective communication.

How we do it? Let’s check in the next section.

Immersive 3D Experiences

immersive 3d experience

The Fun Bit

This is where we make the stage 2 unboring.

Instead of providing a boring, development manual delivered to you about employee engagement, we build packages with immersive technologies. This elevates your tasks of providing clarity on job performance, representation of organisational ethos, and effective internal communication to the next level.

Words cannot do justice to what we are trying to deliver here. Look at what can be achieved with immersive 3D experiences using AR, 3D, and other forms of tech below.

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