Harmeet Singh
Marketing Strategy

Harmeet Singh

It did not take me long working as a trainee accountant to figure out that sitting in a closed office was not for me. I have had a love for the outdoors, meeting new people, and taking on challenges to keep learning. 

So, the next 5 years were spent being a police officer. This experience enabled me to develop my leadership skills, helping people and understanding cultures. 

But, there was always this thirst to do more. 

Over time, I have developed an interest in tech, starting with WordPress and now reaching Zappar, working on augmented, virtual, and mixed reality solutions. 

In short, all roads have led to ArchR.

If you like starting with looking at the bigger picture, wanting to develop a greatly talented team, and constantly improving your business, we will get along well.

I look forward to meeting you.

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