Adaptive Performance in Organisations that Nourish Versatility

Adaptive Performance in Organisations that Nourish Versatility

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The idea of adaptive performance is usually associated with highly volatile businesses, e.g. finance and health.

Highly volatile business then means that the workforce need to be highly adaptive.

But, with the changing face of business and the higher acceptance of change in business in general, adaptive performance is not just important for volatile sectors, but has expanded to almost all businesses.

As a result, adaptive individuals are in high demand.

Versatile Employees

A precondition to adaptive employees is versatility. Let’s elaborate further.

In order to be adaptive in the workplace, an employee must have a varied set of skills.

For example, in order to handle medical emergencies, a doctor must be able to think quickly on their feet. 

In other words, just being a skilled doctor is not enough to deal with emergencies. The professional must also be able to take charge of the situation. Put simply, doctors that deal with emergencies have leadership qualities; an added skill to being a medical professional.

And, such a variation of skills is by definition versatility.

When applied to organisations, versatility has been associated with improved performance at work, possessing the right attitude, and the ability to handle stress. 

So, there is no surprise that adaptive performers are in high demand. And, attracting such individuals can have massive positives for your business.

But, in order to attract adaptive performers, you need to have the right environment.

It’s Simpler than You Expect

You must be thinking: of course I want adaptive individuals for my business, but attracting them is the issue.

And, you are right. Such individuals will not just come to your organisation. So, you need to compete with others to secure such people. 

But, the solution to the attraction problem is not complicated at all. You just need to create an environment that utilises and nourishes the versatility of individuals. 

What is the point of having a skill and not using it? It is simply frustrating for an individual. 

So, if you solve the problem of allowing people to apply their skills, you have made it possible to attract adaptive individuals. 

Does this still sound difficult to you?

Simply, don’t treat people like the doers of singular jobs and bring some excitement through small additions to your workplace. Making the said small additions then comes down to learning further about your workforce.

To learn more, get in touch with us today. (We actually add such little additions that improve your overall environment).

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