About ArchR

The story so far

HELLO. We are ArchR!

Individuals coming into the workforce today have grown up with digital technology. This means that the culture they seek is far different to what most organisations offer.

It should be no surprise then that employees are constantly on the move. Simply, they want to be part of an organisation that matches their values.

The days of pay being the deal maker is over. And so, modern employee rewards are going south. ArchR is here to catch your HR department (from big to non-existent) with the present and connect it with tomorrow.

Our team has a unique experience blend of Employer Branding, Psychology behind Organisational Culture and Technology (specialising in augmented reality).

HR is no longer boring.

Our Process

How We Deliver on Our Promise

Stage 1 - Process Optimisation

In Stage 1, we optimise your current systems, e.g. engagement and training programs, through psychological input from our experts.

Stage 2 - Tech Exploration

In stage 2, we determine the correct use of available or in development tech to enhance the processes and make them fun for your team.

Stage 3 - System Delivery

In stage 3, we build and integrate tech into your systems, and deliver them to you for internal and external use for your organisation.

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